Our AI Partnership Program equips you with the strategy and tools to unlock real ROI from AI

How it works?

Have you considered the transformative potential that AI holds for your business?

Over 60% of business owners agreed that AI will increase company's productivity
AI market size is expected to reach $407 billion by 2027
Generative AI advancements could automate up to 70% of current work activities

Boost Efficiency & Revenue

  • Automate tasks and free up your team for higher-value work
  • Streamline workflows and see a measurable rise in output
  • Drive new revenue leveraging  data insights

Make Data-Driven Decisions

  • Minimize risk to make informed choices and reduce mistakes
  • Optimize pricing strategies for maximum profit margins
  • Improve resource allocation with clear data visualization

Gain a Competitive Edge

  • Innovate faster with AI-powered tools to discover new possibilities
  • Disrupt your industry with cutting-edge AI solutions
  • One step ahead of your competitors in adopting AI technology

Enhance Customer Experience

  • Personalize marketing & sales for higher conversion rates
  • Offer 24/7 customer support with AI-powered chatbots
  • Anticipate customer needs proactively for service excellence

Additional Benefits

  • Boost real-time security and compliance to prevent threats.
  • Improve product quality for  manufacturing processes.
  • Boosts sustainability by optimizing resources and cutting waste.

Feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of AI integration? You're not alone.
Challenges businesses typically face:

Lack of Understanding AI Technology

Businesses struggle to comprehend the basics of AI technology and its potential applications, leading to hesitation

Lack of Actionable Plans for AI Implementation

Many organizations lack the detailed, actionable plans necessary for successful AI implementation, leading to stalled or ineffective projects

Inability to Assess AI Initiatives

Without a clear method to evaluate the feasibility, impact, and ROI of AI ideas, companies struggle to prioritize their innovation initiatives effectively

Unclear Business Value of AI

Companies often fail to see how AI integration can add value to their operations, missing out on opportunities for growth and efficiency

Our AI Partnership Program is your compass, guiding you from vision to measurable results

We don't just drop technology in your lap. We work with you to develop an AI vision that seamlessly integrates with your company's overarching business strategy.
This ensures your AI initiatives are targeted, impactful, and drive real value.

Here's How We Partner with You:

AI Practical

Timeline: 1st Week

The goal is to equip your team with AI knowledge.

Our interactive workshops demystify AI concepts, explore industry-specific applications, and empower your team to actively participate in the AI journey.

Use Case Ideation and Assessment

Timeline: 2nd and 3rd Weeks

The goal is to define high-value AI opportunities for your company.

We will guide your team through a common collaborative process to identify high-impact use cases that perfectly align with your unique needs.  Following this, we assess each idea, considering feasibility, potential impact, and ROI, to ensure you choose the right path forward.

Strategic Roadmap Development

Timeline: 4th Week

The goal is to create actionable implementation plans.

We will craft a clear and actionable roadmap for implementing your chosen AI use case. This roadmap outlines the steps, resources, and timeline for successful execution, setting you up for long-term AI success.

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This program isn't just about workshops and roadmaps – it's about empowering you to become an AI leader.

Become an AI Leader:
What You Gain from Our Program


AI Expertise

Gain a deep understanding of AI concepts and applications, allowing you to make informed decisions about future AI initiatives.


Actionable Roadmap

Walk away with a clear, actionable plan to implement your chosen AI use case – no more feeling lost in the technical weeds.


Empowered Team

Equip your team with the knowledge and confidence to actively participate in your AI journey, fostering a culture of innovation.


Measurable Results

See real, tangible results from your AI investment, proving the value of AI to your organization.


Unlock Revenue & Savings Potential

Identify high-value AI use cases that directly translate to business growth. We'll help you pinpoint areas for automation and process optimization, leading to significant cost savings.


Focus on ROI Rockets

Identify high-value AI use cases that directly translate to business growth. We'll help you pinpoint areas for automation and process optimization, leading to significant cost savings.


Ongoing Support

Even after the program ends, we're here for you. We offer ongoing support and guidance through resources and tutorials to ensure your long-term AI success.

Get inspired by our clients' stories

Anna Lytvynenko

Co-founder and CCO of Business Logic Group

Our company is a developer of the proprietary ВР2М platform, which is a solution for commercial performance and planning management. To catch momentum from external AI expertise, we invited Lyratech, led by Kateryna Stetsiuk, for a collaborative workshop with our development team. From the very beginning, Kateryna made the discussions engaging. She shared captivating and systematically structured materials, and with her friendly way of explaining complex things, our team quickly got involved in lively talks, looking at real cases from our work. The collaboration with Lyratech brought quick results: our platform unveiled an AI-driven "Talk-to-Data" feature, which empowered the data discovery and decision-making process.
Our cooperation with Lyratech led to the momentum we require!

Guillaume Bouchard

CEO at Checkstep

I highly recommend the LyraTech team for their exemplary work at Checkstep where they showcased great expertise in building AI solutions for content moderation systems. They showed a clear proficiency in designing and fine-tuning LLMs, meticulously evaluating 3rd party APIs to flag online harm, and rigorously testing foundational models. Moreover, their ability to iterate on prompts and professionally present their findings to a large audience significantly contributed to advancing our project

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