Fashion ChatBot with Generative AI

The Challenge

The Retail Industry, especially in the fashion sector, faces an ever-growing need to provide personalized experiences to consumers. With a myriad of choices available and continuously evolving fashion trends, customers often feel overwhelmed. There was a pressing requirement for a tool that could not only guide consumers seamlessly but also adapt to their unique tastes and preferences in real-time.


The Solution

Addressing the complexities of the fashion retail landscape, we developed an AI-Powered solution - the Fashion ChatBot equipped with Generative AI. This chatbot serves as a virtual shopping assistant, providing:

  • Personalized fashion recommendations based on user request using text and images (multimodal solution)
  • Dynamic adaptation to users' real-time feedback and additional requests.
  • Interactive and engaging shopping experiences, bridging the gap between online shopping and the personalized touch of in-store experiences.
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The Framework Is
Designed To





Increased User Engagement:

Shoppers engaged more with the platform, leading to longer session durations.

Higher Conversion Rates:

Personalized recommendations and real-time adaptability resulted in more confident purchase decisions by users.

Enhanced User Satisfaction:

Customers reported a more tailored and interactive shopping experience.

Real-time Adaptability:

The chatbot's capability to adjust to real-time feedback ensured users always found items aligned with their current desires.


GPT-3.5 & GPT-4

Guillaume Bouchard

CEO at Checkstep

I highly recommend the LyraTech team for their exemplary work at Checkstep where they showcased great expertise in building AI solutions for content moderation systems. They showed a clear proficiency in designing and fine-tuning LLMs, meticulously evaluating 3rd party APIs to flag online harm, and rigorously testing foundational models. Moreover, their ability to iterate on prompts and professionally present their findings to a large audience significantly contributed to advancing our project

Anna Lytvynenko

Co-founder and CCO of Business Logic Group

Our company is a developer of the proprietary ВР2М platform, which is a solution for commercial performance and planning management. To catch momentum from external AI expertise, we invited Lyratech, led by Kateryna Stetsiuk, for a collaborative workshop with our development team. From the very beginning, Kateryna made the discussions engaging. She shared captivating and systematically structured materials, and with her friendly way of explaining complex things, our team quickly got involved in lively talks, looking at real cases from our work. The collaboration with Lyratech brought quick results: our platform unveiled an AI-driven "Talk-to-Data" feature, which empowered the data discovery and decision-making process.
Our cooperation with Lyratech led to the momentum we require!

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