We build Proof of Concept in 1 month maximum

We propose a cost-effective strategy to develop and integrate PoC & MVP solutions into your business.
Our goal is to develop AI Solution within days or weeks instead of months and years.

PoC development validates the feasibility of the AI solution’s concept for your business.

Showcasing its potential through scaled-down versions. Moving forward, we develop Minimum Viable Products
that deliver essential functionalities, enabling real user validation, iterative enhancements and swift market entry.

PoC and MVP development benefit the AI integration by allowing the business to

Test AI technologies and methodologies

Deliver more immediate and concrete value

Analyze and compare multiple solutions quickly

Minimize risks before full-scale development process

Develop your AI skills, knowledge,
and confidence



Define Objectives

We begin by understanding the problem you aim to solve. We define the scope: what is included and excluded from the PoC to manage expectations and focus efforts effectively.


Rapid Prototyping

Design tailored AI models quickly based on the defined objectives. Implement a basic version using available data, allowing stakeholders to visualize initial results and provide feedback.


Testing & Evaluation

Validate the solution's feasibility through rigorous testing and benchmarking. Gather feedback, evaluate effectiveness, and pinpoint areas for improvement.


Launch & Maintain

Transition insights from the PoC into an MVP with essential functionalities. Provide ongoing support and monitoring for the AI solution. Address challenges and integrate new advancements to keep the solution updated and effective.

Outcome &

Speedy Integration

With AI-driven insights, make decisions backed by data, not just intuition. From market trends to customer preferences, get a 360-degree view of what drives your business.

Feasibility Verification

Through PoC development, we ensure that the AI solution aligns with your business needs, providing a tangible glimpse of its potential in a real-world setting.

Cost-Effective Exploration

Businesses can explore and test multiple AI technologies without incurring high costs, enabling them to discover the most fitting solution without breaking the bank.

Risk Mitigation

Engaging in PoC and MVP development allows businesses to identify and rectify potential pitfalls before investing in full-scale development, safeguarding them against costly errors.

Latest Cases

Generative AI

Intelligent Document Processing System

AI-driven IDP solution to reduce manual document processing time, increase efficiency and decrease operational costs.


AI Platform for Automatic Content Moderation

AI-driven content moderation solution to improve accuracy, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

Generative AI

Fashion ChatBot with Generative AI

Fashion Chatbot to boost user engagement, conversion rates, and offers tailored shopping experiences.

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